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Interview with Mateusz Kielishkowski

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Info: Mateusz Kielishkowski (Poland). Height 195cm, weight 140kg, 23 years old. Winner of the Arnold Amateur World Championship-2014, bronze-medalist of the Arnold Strongman Classic-2015, 4th place at the Arnold Strongman Classic-2016.

StrongmanRUS: Mateusz, you surprised and impressed us at the Arnold Classic last year and this year when you became third and second in the overall standing respectively. But we don’t have a lot of information about you. Tell us, when you have come to strongman and from what sport?

Mateusz Kielishkowski: I came to the gym and year and a half later I carried away by strongman. I did’t do any sport before strongman.

StrongmanRUS: Do you have a coach?

Mateusz Kielishkowski: No, I train alone.

StrongmanRUS: Whence is your technique if you train by yourself?

Mateusz Kielishkowski: It’s made by myself also. I train hard, my gym is near my home, so if I can’t do something I go home to rest some hours then I come back to the gym and don’t go home until I lift what I need. Of course, I watch the video by other athletes but it’s not example to follow, just interest.


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