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Dione Wessels. Interview

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Dione Wessels – one of the most successful strongman leader, founder and President of American Strongman Corporation, 2-times American Strongwoman Champion, Mother of 3 children and just a great interesting person, who is an example to follow for many sportsmen and organizer of the strongman events.

StrongmanRUS: In my opinion, you are one of the most successful leaders of the National Championship and National Association. What’s the secret of success? How to make strongman popular?

Dione Wessels: Well, it’s a passion, it has to be a passion. A lot of people that I see now starting into this sport – not athletes, but promoters, and they want to take a lot of money and don’t think about sport, they started because of money but not because they like it. But if you want to be successful you must have a passion for your job, you will be ready to work hard to keep what you love.

SR: Some time ago, Dimitar Savationov told us there are more than 11,000 members of American Strongman Corporation. What should people do to become a member?

Dione Wessels: Now it’s probably around 15,000 members. We have amateur and PRO-athletes, amateurs pay entry fee, then the member fee every year and they can take a part in as many events as they want.


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