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The World's Strongest Man-2001

Zambia, Sauth Africa


Event 1. Medley: Yoke 365kg + Tire flip 390kg. Magnus Samuelsson was the fastest with 40.63 seconds. Svend Karlsen showed second time – 40.75 seconds. Janne Virtanen became third with 40.81 seconds. 
Event 2. Squats (special construction with car) 317.5 kg. Svend Karlsen did 10 reps end won the event. Hugo Girard and Andrew Raynes took 2-3 places with 9 reps both. 
Event 3. Farmer’s Walk: 2 cylinders 125kg both had to be carried for 75 meters distance (25+25+25)! Phil Pfister’s grip was the best, American finished with 32.22 second. Janne Virtanen finished second with 38.5 second. Magnus Samuelsson closed TOP-3 in this event, his time was 39.81 sec. 
Event 4. Log Lift 120kg for reps. Hugo Girard was absolutely great at this event! Look how easy he did 11 reps! Magnus Samuelsson took second place with 10 reps. Phil Pfister and Svend Karlsen did 7 reps both, so they divided 3-4 places. 
Event 5. Vertical lift: something similar was at the WSM-1979. Well, athletes had to lift the object 285kg for height using the rope and Arm-over-arm technic as soon as it was possible. Janne Virtanen showed the brilliant result – 13.27 seconds! Svend Karlsen was second with 14.11 seconds. Juha Rasanen took third place with 14.39 seconds. 
Event 6. Conan Circle 300kg. Phil Pfister won the event with 85.8 meters. Martin Muhr became second with 70.3 meters and Svend Karlsen showed third time – 61.6 meters. 
Event 7. Atlas stones (5 stones). Magnus Samuelsson finished with 28.05 seconds and it was the best time. Martin Muhr was second with 39.11 sec, Phil Pfister showed third time – 41.03 sec. All other athletes lifted just 4 stones. 
So, after 7 events Svend Karlsen won The World’s Strongest Man title. Magnus Samuelsson was the Vice-champion and Janne Virtanen became third.