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Interview with Marius Lalas

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Info: Marius Lalas, height 176cm, weight 128kg, age 30 years. Lithuania – Ireland.

Winner of the Strongman Champions League stages, bronze-medalist of the WSM-2009 U-105kg, Vytautas Lalas younger brother.

StrongmanRUS: Marius, why Lithuanians are so strong?)

Marius Lalas: Cause we train a lot, work for the results a lot, it’s hard work.

SR: First time when you came to strongman we knew you as a Vytautas Lalas younger brother, then you became a bronze-medalist of the WSM-2009 U-105kg and won a few SCL stages, so now you are self-dependent athlete. But we don’t know about your past enough. From what sport have you come to strongman?

Marius Lalas: It was arm-wrestling. Me with my brother were champions of the National League, but this sport is not so popular in Lithuania. Then someone recommended us to try ourselves in strongman. Vytautas tried and liked it and then I came here also. My first tournament was in Lithuania, it was Junior National Championship, which I won. I like strongman more than arm-wrestling.


Full interview in the attach (PDF). Interview with Marius Lalas.pdf


 Pictures are from Marius Facebook page.